Born in Ciudad Ojeda (State of Zulia) Venezuela, at the age of six Jimmy Kansau moved with his family to his mother’s home town of Mérida where he grew up.  Mérida is a beautiful cosmopolitan college town nestled high in the crisp, cool air of the Venezuelan Andes. The historic architecture of his hometown is host to some of Venezuela’s most treasured cultural capital. His early exposure to music started as a family affair. Although the youngest of six he quickly became leader of “the family quartet” – leading his elder siblings to tight vocal sound and harmonies. As they grew better and better, the crowds and venues became bigger.  The quartet appeared in churches and civic events, on radio and television shows, and at major holiday gatherings.

A small choir was formed in collaboration with other singers of the community and together, the groups toured Europe and South America.  Never forgetting the traditions of the songs they sang, when at home Jimmy and his fellow songsters would serenade friends and family… sometimes found in the wee hours of the morning under the balconies of loved ones singing popular Latin American songs.

After a trip to visit friends in San Francisco, in the late 90s Jimmy returned to the United States to begin musical studies at The San Francisco Conservatory.  He quickly became a prized pupil and rose to become one of the conservatory’s most active students. Since graduating with three degrees from the Conservatory, Jimmy has appeared as a major soloist and/or lead operatic tenor on some of the world’s most revered stages, and now utilizes his musical excellence in both worlds of classical and popular music.

He works with the multi talented Venezuelan musician Jackeline Rago in collaboration with The Venezuelan Music Project, an Afro-Venezuelan band based in the SF Bay Area.  Also Jimmy appears in collaborations with the San Francisco Boys Chorus where he fulfills the role of Vocal Instructor for the prestigious six decade old institution.

It is his love and appreciation for the music of early to mid 20th century Latin America and the Caribbean combined with his sensitivity and understanding of the elegance of classic American jazz that inspires Jimmy to fuse the best of both worlds.  It is to that exquisite nexus of sensuousness and musicality where he and his musicians take us with a smile.